WordPress Plugins

WordPress Plugins

WordPress plugin is a piece of software that add different functionality to the program for a specific goal and there are plugins that come with pack of abilities to use for your purposes.

WordPress plugins are new features or new functionality written in the PHP programming language to help customization of websites in deeper level and needs.
Wordpress plugins changes functionality
Plugin brain

There are more than 40,000 free WordPress plugins in the directory wordpress.org and thousands of paid ones. You can add a small task or hugh functionality to your website to better serve your needs.

Plugins are like small brains that will help your website to perform better from a small task to more advance functionality.

Why to pay for plugins when there are so many free ones?
  • Paid WordPress plugins offer you a limited-time license 
  • Has extended functionalities that you may not findit on the free one
  • Comes with support which is very important when you get in trouble 
Plugins function
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