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How It Works

Imagine Your Website, Let Us Bring It to Reality, Affordable WordPress Web Design Services for Start-ups, Small Businesses And Individuals, so how it works:

The 6 steps down below show you how the process of creating a WordPress Web Design website work and what every step does. All these steps are necessary to represent the company vs individual goals they have or services they offer. These steps will help you to understand the process behind the scene.


















Step 1, Discover

Step 1 is all about collecting  information such as:

  • What are the type of products, physical or virtual 
  • What is the website’s goal
  • Who are the ideal customers
  • Who to expect come to the website
  • What kind of service will be provided
  • And so on……..
Step 2, Plan

Step 2 is all about planning objectives which helps the design and at the same time saves money and time.

  • Come up with appropriate content that will help people
  • Start SEO ( Search Engine Optimization )
  • Creating necessary keywords and key phrases related to the services and products
  • Writing website site map
  • How many pages should be included and the name of each page
  • Content, content, content
Step 3, Design

Step 3 is about design the web page’s elements such as header, footer, navigation, widgets and so on.

  • Here web pages should be imagined how to look, at the same time keep visitors stay on the site and also encourage them to click through products
  • Designing header, footer, navigation bars, widgets and……that help people to move around smoothly
Step 4, Develop

Step 4 is about the most fun part meaning putting all previous steps together through practical practices.

  • Installation of WordPress program
  • Installation of local program
  • Installation of theme sources and customization
  • Installation of necessary plugins in relation to the website
  • Editing the contents for the site
  • Correction, test and optimize
Step 5, Launch

Step 5 as it sounds is the launching time to see the final design and contents and enjoy the hard work.

  • Check the design and contents on every page
  • If corrections need to be done
Step 6, Maintain

Step 6 or the final step is about maintenance of the website which is very important for the long-term health and success of a website. The following keys are necessary to maintain every website in long run

  • WordPress updates
  • Theme updates
  • Plugins updates
  • Website backups
  • Website security
Other upcoming maintenances
  • Web hosting 
  • Analytical tracking and reporting
  • SEO
  • Adding new contents
  • Spam clean up
  • Comments & replies
  • Fix website problems
Why maintenance is important?

Maintenance is necessary for your website  and in regular basis. Neglecting website maintenance will bring you to lose visitors on the web:

  • Increase page loading time which makes visitors to jump to another website
  • Low quality user experience 
  • Declining search engine ranking which decreasing your website popularity through time
  • Security vulnerability that makes it easy for hacker to enter your site and create other security issues

When your website is up and running is important to maintain it regularly to keep problems a way which cost you more to fix them later.

(QA) Questions & Answers

About WordPress Web Design Services

Some people may not be familiar with internet and WordPress Web Design, how they work and what the necessary steps are to do to have a nice beautiful design and working website, so I have arranged the following questions and answers for you to get to know the process of making an attractive and functional website to achieve your goals.

We are living in the age of technology and internet helps you to communicate with other people all around the world and not just in your neighborhood like old times.

Website’s are great tools to expand your goals, your business and even your thoughts and opinions as an individual and connect you to the unlimited possibilities out there

It’s a simple, well-designed, has clean and smooth navigation to click around. The design, contents , images, videos and audio files must be related to your brand.

As you have been informed above in 6 steps work process you will have a great designed modern website that target your audience and brand.

Well there are many ways to communicate such as phone calls, text messaging and video calls through different available apps like Skype, WhatsApp or others. And the email communication will be great too.

Yes, your old website will be reviewed, your old files can be reused in combination with new files as well. 

Yes, your new logo will be designed professionally to your brand and your website design.

WordPress application will be used to make your website.

WordPress is a free and open-sourse content management system ( CMS) that includes plugin architecture and a template system which work perfectly to create website’s and apps. WordPress covers more than 36% of all the websites around the world on internet and yet expanding rapidly.

Yes , if you have found a nice template why not.

Yes, normally we make custom design website according to your need and brand.

Yes, with a username and password you can check your website to see how it looks, if any part you don’t like we will correct it.

It depends how complicated it is , but in general it takes 2 to 3 weeks.

As much as necessary to look the way you want.

Yes it will be compatible with desktop, tablet and mobile devices.

Yes the basic SEO will be integrated so Google will read your website.

Yes advanced SEO plan is part of the additional offer and cost.

Yes we offer e-commerce and payment services for your online store.

WordPress has WooCommerce special for online commerce and payment method which is very organized and powerful software to use.

If you already have a website and web hosting I need the login information normally username and password, but if you don’t have a website running then we start from scratch by ordering a Domain name and order Web hosting to start website set up. Additional information that we need are contents, images, logos, video and audio files.

Yes we can assist you to set up domain name and web hosting as well.

Well there is not a solid number to answer this question, basically depends how sophisticated you want the website to be and how much time it takes.

After you showing interest to work together and knowing your needs I will send a proposal to you regarding the term and conditions and then I require 50% upfront to start working on your website and when your website is finished with your 100% satisfaction then charge you the rest of 50% payment.




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